Travelling to C-lands

So what is it with all these C countries?

Just back from an amazing trip to Costa Rica, and I’m reflecting that most of the other places I’d like to explore next also begin with C.

Go figure, as our friends from across the pond might say….

Colombia. Everyone’s immediate reaction is ooooh, that’s really dangerous, isn’t it? Medellin. Cocaine. Pablo Escobar. You’ll die. Well, no….it’s a beautiful country, tourism is booming and the drug wars have sort of moved to Mexico. Sort of.

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Chile. The 1982 movie Missing left a deep impression on me. I might miss the sports stadium in Santiago – where the dead bodies of anti-government activists were stacked up – but the wine district, the Atacama desert, the Andes and the wonders of Patagonia make this long, skinny country an alluring mix of extremes.

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Cuba. I’ve always wanted to spend time in crumbling Havana, following in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway and drinking rum in backstreet bars. Or cycling in the tobacco fields of Vinales, and moving to the salsa rhythm in Santiago. But I’d better do it quickly, before Fidel finally snuffs it and Cuba becomes another US fiefdom.

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Cambodia. The power of movies again…who could ever forget The Killing Fieldsthe 1984 film in which an American journalist gets caught up with Pol Pot’s reign of terror. These days, the country is another tourism hot-spot with attractions such as Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Indochinese cuisine, and of course the bone-chilling Killing Fields monument of Choeung Ek.

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I guess China should be on the list too, but let’s get these four other Cs sorted first.

And in the meantime there’s always Canterbury, Carmarthen, Cork…..and Glasgow.


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