The Grand Slam Tour 2015 – it’s a wrap

Tuesday, February 17

We’re sitting in Singapore’s Changi Airport, trying to get through 5 hours in transit during the long trek home.

The Grand Slam Tour 2015 is nearly over, after 5 amazing weeks exploring Adelaide for 10 days, a couple of road trips in South Australia, a fun train journey across the border to Victoria, a week in Melbourne – including seeing the Aussie Open tennis – and 2 weeks in Tasmania, 10 days on the road in a camper van and a few fun days in Hobart.

So what have we learnt?

That the earth is round, that Aussies are the friendliest people on the planet, that wallabies are like kangaroos with thalidomide…and that Andy Murray is still mentally weak against Novak Djokovich.

Thanks to all Gill’s Aussie family, old friends John & Eileen and new friends met along the way for making us so welcome and for ensuring we had a really memorable Grand Slam Tour Down Under.

And huge thanks to Gill for being away from home for 5 weeks with me, and for sharing our Great Big Aussie Adventure. Pretty amazing, eh?

We’ll be back…..

One thought on “The Grand Slam Tour 2015 – it’s a wrap”

  1. Seems like we’ve been away for ever, we’ve covered so much ground. Reading back through my own journal I can’t believe it was only 5 weeks ago that we arrived in Adelaide. Thanks for all your organising Andrew – a great schedule with plenty of flexibility and a good mix of comfort in the hotels and roughing it in the camper van! If only the hotels could achieve the same power and temperature in their showers as we found at the camp sites!
    I wonder where we’ll end up next….

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