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The toilet roll test

I’ve often wondered why anyone has their toilet paper hanging under, rather than over.

I mean….why would you?

If it’s hanging over, it’s so much more easily accessible. Not just for those certain moments of toiletary panic, but as a metaphor for life. Why make extracting every piece ¬†more challenging than it needs to be, when it’s so much easier reversing the flow?

You wouldn’t hide your shoes right at the back of the cupboard, when there’s loads of space at the front, would you?

Or put your Oyster card in the zipped pouch of your rucksack, rather than the back pocket of your jeans?

It bugs me so much that – yes, I admit it – I’ve been known to reverse the toilet roll directional flow. More in commercial premises than peoples’ homes. I respect everyone’s right to do something contrary and inefficient, after all.

Well, it turns out this says a lot about me. And you. I’m dominant. Apparently. And under-hangers are submissive. Really.

Unsurprisingly, this psycho-babble bunkum is being rolled out from the US.

Relationship expert and performance coach Dr. Gilda Carle – based on a random sample of 2,000 men and women – says the toilet roll test ascertains key aspects of your personality. And even says it’s important when assessing your life-partner.

“What first began as a fun exercise actually turned into an accurate assessment tool.¬†

“While it adds humour to the conversation, it also provides oh-so-much insight about your future compatibility with that person!”


There, that feels better. Let’s get married.