Radio drama

Can there be a better medium than radio for some punchy drama?

I love some of the plays broadcast on Radio 4, and have been completely hooked on Forty Weeks, broadcast this week in 5 episodes of 15 minutes, at the back end of Woman’s Hour.

A romantic comedy about love, infidelity and accidental pregnancy, it was beautifully written by Katherine Jakeways.

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It may have been about yet another tangled love triangle, but it was written and acted with such humour, compassion and lightness of touch that it couldn’t fail to captivate.

And  hearing the story unfold on radio allows the listener to engage the imagination in a far different way to television, stage or silver screen.

Sam loves Rose. Sam’s Dad dies. Rose is working away from home. Sam shags Bayley. In a car park. Bayley becomes pregnant. Rose and Bayley become friends.

So far, so pretty predictable. But as each episode unfolds during the baby’s gestation period – lentil, lime, melon, cabbage, baby – the relationships of the protagonists take some unexpected and entertaining turns.

A listening joy from start to finish. It almost made me want to have a baby. Or write a play for radio.

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