Only the beginning

On the cusp of retiring? Weary of being a wage-slave, bored by vacuous corporate jargon and yearning for the open road and a more creative, energised life?

You’re in the right place.

But forget the traditional image of retirement. Pipe, slippers, a lunchtime pint and falling asleep to the ticking Countdown clock are as restricting as the routines from which you’ve yearned to escape.

Learn a new language. Walk the Coast to Coast path. Dance a tango in Buenos Aires. Smell the freedom rather than the stale stench of inertia.


Let me be your guide and we can embrace the greatest opportunity of our lives together.

I plan on cramming my own third age full of interesting & stimulating experiences, some I’ve enjoyed for many years and some thrillingly new.

Sound like fun?

Stay tuned to find out more….

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