Movie review – The Theory of Everything

Thanks to the Times+ we saw a free screening of The Theory of Everything in downtown Camberley on a freezing Monday night in mid-December.

It tells the story of Stephen Hawking and his remarkable life, largely from his wife’s perspective. They meet as new students at Cambridge and he first starts displaying signs of Motor Neurone Disease (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease or ALS) very soon afterwards.

The prognosis is that Stephen will live for another 2 years. At most.

The story of their lives from this point is told in a remarkably moving, and understated, way.

The acting from Eddie Redmayne as Stephen and Felicity Jones as Jane is Oscarly brilliant, with very able support from David Thewlis, Emily Watson, Maxine Peake and others.

Not on a par with Bad Santa for festive film fun, obviously, but highly recommended.

Spot the difference…..

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