I’ve always had  a love-hate relationship with DIY. My wife loves it, I hate it.

But on the cusp of my retirement, could that possibly change…?

Gill and her entire family are so practical, they make their own luck. I, on the other hand, head straight for the Smirnoff when someone mentions screwdriver. And I run for the hills – or the nearest pub – as soon as I hear the words rubbing down,  architraves, or 3rd aisle on the left in B&Q.

Whilst working in finance roles for 30+ years, I took the view that I’d rather pay a PPP (professional practical person) to sort out the decaying wood on the bedroom window than spend a cherished weekend holding a blow torch and one of those funny triangular things to scrape off flaking, rotten paint.

Well, you don’t think Rory McIlroy whips out a claw hammer rather than a 7 iron on his day off, do you? Or that Barack Obama hangs wallpaper in the Oval Office when he could be protecting the free world?

City analysts often say companies should stick to their knitting when an ambitious CEO is tempted into risky diversification away from the successful core business.


Understand your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses, focus all available resources on your most profitable activities…and leave the other stuff to someone who really knows what they’re doing.

But now I’m suddenly time-rich and cash-poor, I’m not sure I can get away with that argument for much longer.  Perhaps I can even grow to love the smell of emulsion paint and white spirit. And maybe Gill and I can bond over the Polyfilla as we convert our home office to something more relaxing and appropriate for our post-work years.


Just as long as she doesn’t fall out of love with me at the same time  as I’m finally becoming passionate with a paintbrush…..




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