Word-link challenge

After struggling to get through the Daily Torygraph during my daily commute to London, I converted to the

newspaper a few years ago. It’s a cut-down version of The Independent, contains good journalism and a dangerously addictive crossword. It’s not cryptic and it’s not too challenging, but the twist is that the answers to the 2 or 3 clues across the top of the puzzle are mashed up into a hidden word or phrase.

Here are the clues, factual answers and mangled word-link solution for Friday 1st August, 2014 to illustrate what I’m struggling to describe:

Person owed money (6); Country (6)


Get the idea? (the graphic is my own addition).

I’m going to conjure up my own regular word-link challenges for your entertainment, and for my own mental stimulation. Here goes…..

Word-link challenge # 1 – Monday 4th August, 2014:

Obligation (4); Singing brothers (9)

See the separate page answers to the word-link challenge for the solution. Unless you think you’ve cracked it already, of course….

Word-link challenge # 2 – Thursday 21st August, 2014:

Milk production (5); Caressed with tongue (6)

Word-link challenge # 3 – Wednesday 8th October, 2014:

Plummeted, descended (4); Female character in Swallows & Amazons (5)

Word-link challenge # 4 – Monday 24th November, 2014:

Dr Who adversary (5); Propose a motion (5)





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