Blogging along

I set this humble blog up a couple of years ago, initially as a playground for my writing efforts.

Roil forward to this momentous day – with The Donald confirmed as the next occupant of the White House…and where am I?

Well, I suppose I’ve been sidetracked a little. My recent focus has been on travelling…and travel writing. I’ve been lucky enough to be sent on several exciting trips – to Greece, Andalucia and Costa Rica – and I was also shocked to win one of the Daily Telegraph’s Just Back weekly competitions.

This blog has been left behind a little, like a jilted girlfriend. But I do still try to write reviews of  books read, movies watched, meals eaten and theatre productions enjoyed.

Today though, it deserves a little TLC. So I’m spending the day on a Blogging: Next Steps course with Claire Dee, at the Guildford Institute.

Watch this space to see the fruits of my labours, and Claire’s expert insight….



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