Adelaide in a daze

Day 1 – Thursday, January 15

The iciness of the 333 Vietnamese beers briefly burst through our foggy jet-lagged minds.

 19 hours in the air + 1 hour in transit + 11 hours time difference + 6 movies + virtually NIL sleep = mental madness.

We were wandering around central Adelaide in the early evening, in search of something light and healthy after the seemingly endless trays of calorific food served up by Singapore Airlines between London and Australia.

We also needed some DVT-banishing leg-stretching and, in an effort to stay awake until a normal local bedtime, we stumbled on the Chinatown area on Gouger Street (pronounced Goo-jer, mate), quite a way south of our base on North Terrace.

Little NNQ (catchy name, eh?) turned out to be an authentic and tasty Vietnamese place. Chilli-hot Ha Noi spring rolls reactivated the taste buds. Xoi Man, sticky rice with sausage and pork floss, looked like chip sticks dropped onto a coagulated mass of semolina, sprinkled with paprika…..but tasted much better than it looked, with interesting flavours and textures exploding in the jaded mouth. Gill loved her Ca Kho, a generous portion of caramelised meat-like fish cutlets, and gloriously sticky rice.

A brief foray across the Torrens River on a controversial but funky new bridge, past the Adelaide Oval – where I had seen England lose to Australia in so many cricket matches during my distant youth – and the Cathedral, had started our hazy introduction to Adelaide.

333 Indochinese beers – well, a few of them anyway – finished it in style.

One thought on “Adelaide in a daze”

  1. Great to hear you arrived after the long journey. So glad to see you dived straight into the local culture. I can relate :). Hope you get over the JL quickly, should be a breeze for you fit yompers.
    Hope its all prawns and barbee from here on. Have fun and keep us posted xx

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